Post #002. ::: Catching up on things! ::: about my Thanksgiving & Christmas, as well as my birthday… and New Year’s!

Good Thursday evening!

From what I’m seeing, I’m really enjoying WordPress so far. There seems to be a lot more to it than Blogger, which is pretty cool. Well, I’ll learn more as I go along.

So… I had not blogged at all since November, the week before Thanskgiving to be exact. So, I’m going to tell/show you all my Thanksgiving and Christmas went, as well as my birthday (which was on Saturday!), and finally, my New Year’s all went. Don’t worry… not many “worded details” happened during my holidays. It’s mostly pictures! So, enjoy!

For Thanksgiving, my parents and I did our annual tradition of heading to my grandparents’ and sharing a lot of food, conversation, laughter, memories, and just enjoying the time together.


This year, everyone on my dad’s side of the family brought something. I made the spirals!

My parents and me.

My parents and me.

Uncle Dean and aunt Linda.
Uncle Dean and aunt Linda.
My cousins Jonathan and Christopher.
My cousins Jonathan and Christopher.
Jenni and Ben. Ben is Jonathan and Christopher's brother, and Jenni and Ben are married.
Jenni and Ben. Ben is Jonathan and Christopher’s brother, and Jenni and Ben are married.
Christopher and his girlfriend, Amy.
My grandparents.
My grandparents. We also celebrated my grandma’s birthday!












For Christmas, I didn’t really capture any “photos of the family” like I did for Thanksgiving, since both holidays are so close together.

I had a VERY nice Christmas this year. I received a lot of nice things! I’d say that this was definitely my first grown-up Christmas, with all the kitchen things I received. I love everything I got! I’ve already started using certain things like my new coffee maker, as seen in the photos. 🙂

You know, a lot of people have told me that they can’t believe that I made it through college without drinking coffee.
Haha. Nope, the coffee came after my degree.
I like the Wii a lot so far. I think it will come in handy a lot to kill those short boredom moments.
Officially my first cookbook. Lots of firsts for me this Christmas!
I can make my own Panera sandwiches at home now. Hehe.
Quesadillas and tacos are my favorite forms of Mexican food.
Yay, books!
And a new journal.
I still love watching movies and my 7th Heaven sets. 🙂
Coca-Cola bottle-shaped salt & pepper shakers! I love Coke products.




And… those gifts were from my parents.

I ended up getting more from relatives when we all met up on Christmas Day.

My cousin Jenni, Ben’s wife, has taken up knitting, and she knitted this beautiful hat and scarf set for me. It’s so pretty… and warm! It’ll be needed for this winter. We’ve already gotten snow up here.
Candle and candle warmer from my aunt Linda and uncle Dean.
My aunt Ruth travels internationally to do preaching, and this was a treat she brought back from Europe for everyone!
And… I didn’t think to get a picture of aunt Ruth. 😦 Well, next time I see her, I’ll snap a photo!

And that was my Christmas! Everything was super nice, and there were some surprises along with what I wanted. I’m truly thankful for everything. 🙂

And for my birthday, which was four days after Christmas…

I got this nice pair of silver hoop earring and bracelet. I want to start getting back into jewelry!


I also received this copy Anne Frank (Ben Kingsley as Otto Frank), which I’ve rented from the library many, many times. I’m so glad to finally own it.


And here was my birthday cake this year:

“Action” shot of my dad lighting my candles…
For my birthday this year, I worked, and then later that afternoon/evening, my parents and I took a drive and went to Max & Erma’s for my birthday meal. And there was snow on my birthday.
I think you can see how tired I am in this picture! Haha.

And last, but not least, I will share with you all how I spent my New Year’s Eve, and then we’ll be “all caught up” on the holidays. 🙂

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’ve been attending church again, and earlier in 2012, I found Evangel A/G and started getting involved.

This church has been a blessing for me, by the way! This is the same church where I was involved with the young adult group earlier in 2012 (which is taking a break, I guess?). It’s also the same church that I’ve also been going to Bible study’s when I can. And… when I don’t work on Sunday mornings (which is becoming a little more common for me lately!), I’ve been attending the worship services.

Well, on New Year’s Eve, I went bowling and to a N.Y.Eve party. It was a lot of fun.

Oh, and by the way! I discovered that I am A LOT better with bowling on the Wii than I am in real life.  😉

Also… I think this was my first night-out and big event with Evangel A/G, so it was a nice ice breaker for me to get to know people I met earlier this year, and to meet new people.

Yeah… I’m the only “R” up there, but don’t look at my scores… except for the one strike I got that evening! Woohoo! 😀
Sherry and her daughter Sam.
Leah and Kathy. Kathy is the one who’s house the party was at.
Leah and Dennis.
Christy and Katie.
Sean, Spike and Dave.
Sean is Katie’s husband.
Dave is Christy’s husband.
Me and Stephanie.
Stephanie is married to Clay, and unfortunately, he’s one of the people I also I didn’t get a picture of.
And… we’re at Kathy’s house for the N.Y.Eve party. Lots of talking, eating, and we also had a “White Elephant” gift exchange. 😀


And… it was fun ending the evening by watching the ball drop and drinking Welch’s Non-Alcoholic sparkling juice, Yum.
Sam, Christy, Katie, Lindsay and me.
Lindsay is Spike’s wife.

And…. that was my Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday and New Year’s all in one!!! They were all good.

Now, I’m ready to start catching up on blogs, figuring out how to follow blogs under this account, and to start bloggong on a regular basis again. I’ve missed blogging, and it’s nice to be back. 🙂

Have a wonderful evening! I’ll be writing (and reading and responding to blogs as well!) SOON.



One thought on “Post #002. ::: Catching up on things! ::: about my Thanksgiving & Christmas, as well as my birthday… and New Year’s!

  1. I liked looking at the pictures and feeling caught up. I’m glad you had a good Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday. So hard to believe the holidays are over already! The bowling pictures and white elephant look fun and the pirate hat is neat too!

    I ate at a Max and Erma’s in Myrtle Beach and it was really good, we all liked it :). I guess there are more of them up there where you are than here. You got some awesome stuff for Christmas too- gotta love hand-knit hats and scarves too.

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